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Test your brand name
for global fit
We help entrepreneurs, startup founders, and naming professionals stay away from brand names that can hurt their business (or their customers' business). Evaluate your company name or product name with real people from 20+ countries for linguistic issues, negative associations, and local competition.
Any company, product, or brand starts with a name. But are you sure that your name works well across the globe?
Picking a truly global name is HARD!
Local competitors and namesakes
Your name might be too similar to an existing competitor, or to a failed business that many have heard about.
Offensive words and slang
Your name (or a part of it) might evoke something vulgar, rude, provocative, or have an unintended double meaning.
Unwanted connotations
If you want your name to feel secure and reliable, any associations with weakness and change are throwing your customers off.
Difficulties in pronunciation
When your name is spoken, it might be hard to pronounce, ambiguous, or even confused with other common words or brand names.
Nimi makes name analysis easy.
Here's how it works:
Tell us about your name
We need a short description of what your startup does, the name of your business, and the markets where you want to launch.
We analyze your name globally
Our worldwide community of in-country, in-language, in-culture respondents inspects each name for linguistic, cultural, and regional issues in your chosen markets.
You get detailed results
Our analysis report helps you avoid negative word-of-mouth and expensive blunders. You make an informed choice of the best name to fuel your global business growth.
Our Global Community
We work with in-country, in-culture, in-language community members across Americas, Europe, and Asia.
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