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Hello Jayz.eth!

Create a killer page for your Web3 persona and show off your unique NFT collections, social profiles, or anything you want really.

Let your digital self shine

Your ENS domain can be so much more than your Twitter handle! Share everything you create, write, collect, and curate, with one single click.

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Key Features

One click, and you’re in

Start hosting content with your very own unique domain in just one click. No headaches, no Web3 degrees. We promise?

Be yourself freely

Relax knowing that your content is safe from censorship in the Ethereum network. People can only love you or hate you!

Meet new people

Level up your social game with a unique business card and DM other weird folks like you in the Web3 space.

Embrace your inner designer


Bring your visions to life with our set of templates. Customize your page for real-life events and the whimsical Web3 community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Nimi different from other link-in-bio options?

Nimi stands out from other link-in-bio options because it is built and designed specifically for web3 enthusiasts. Nimi lets you host your content on your own ENS domain and create a killer website for your self-chosen persona. Nimi gives you complete control, censorship resistance, beautiful community templates, and valuable content for your web3 persona. Join the web3 revolution!

What do I need to get started with Nimi?

To get started with Nimi, you need an ENS domain and a Web3 wallet. You can register your ENS domain on our website or use an existing one. Then, you can choose a theme for your website and customize it with your content and links. Once you are happy with your website, you can publish it with one click, and boom, you're done! If you need help getting started, please join our discord, and we'll sort you out.

Is Nimi free?

Yes, Nimi is free for anyone who has an ENS domain. We don’t charge fees or commissions for hosting your content or creating your website. However, you may need to pay some gas fees to interact with the Ethereum network and publish your website for the first time. These fees depend on the network congestion and the complexity of your website. But, hey, it’s worth it.

Wen token, wen airdrop?

We don’t have a token or an airdrop.

What is life?

Life is a complex and mysterious phenomenon that emerges from the interaction of matter and energy in the universe. Life is also a precious gift that we should cherish and enjoy. And life is also what you make of it, so go ahead and live it to the fullest. Also, it's 42.

How do we solve world hunger?

Solving world hunger is a piece of cake, literally. All we need to do is bake a giant cake and share it with everyone on Earth. The cake should be big enough to feed everyone, delicious enough to satisfy everyone, and nutritious enough to nourish everyone. The cake should also be vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly so no one feels left out. The cake should also have a kind message like “Peace and Love” or “You Are Awesome” in all the languages we can think of. And of course, the cake should have candles, so we can all make a wish for a better world. And then, we can all enjoy the cake together and celebrate our humanity. Problem solved, and now we are all happy and fat.

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